Who We Are


Who We Are



     Beautiful People Beauty Supply is a boutique with vegan-friendly and naturally made products, to cater to all specific hair care and skincare needs. From gorgeous makeup and nail art for all ages to must-have accessories, we are here to be your go-to for all your beauty needs. We love to keep our customers happy and satisfied and we strive to give you the best customer service and quality care.



     Beautiful People Beauty Supply will not have just the popular products, but healthy products as well. Protecting the hair and maintaining healthy growth. Regardless if it is natural hair, straight, or unmanageable, we have something for everyone. We will provide a welcoming atmosphere, greeting customers and providing the best customer service. Ensuring that all customers receive any help that is required and consulting if necessary. By providing excellent customer service, Beautiful People Beauty Supply will have a quality that is hard to find in other beauty supply stores. Building a relationship with customers and making them feel comfortable and wanting to come back.




Who Is She….

    “There was a time when I was deployed to some foreign country, with limited resources and the internet. Struggling to keep and maintain healthy hair, all while doing my job, such a hard task to complete. After the long months with no real hair care regimen, we get back to the states and now I can get all the hair care I need. Unfortunately, not every product was good for my hair or even managed to keep my hair in check. It was at that moment I decided I was going to help people like myself with hair that fights back. I made a decision that I was going to open my own beauty supply boutique.” Danelle Quigley response when asked why she chose a beauty supply store. Her struggle, similar to many other women with limited resources or just can’t find a product that works for their hair or skin requirements, is the reason she wants to make sure there is a place for every need.  Born and raised in Maryland, she was always a helpful child, Always looking to help people the best way she could. Growing with this same way of thinking, she used her powers for good and joined the Army. There she learned a lot of lessons and was able to teach and help people along her journey. Danelle served in the Army for 11 years with four deployments before making a career change into becoming a business owner. Now here she is, providing the best beauty, hair, and skincare needs for everyone. Because she cares about you and what you will need to become your BeYOUtifully Unique self.